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Highland Chase



Resident · 2004 - 2005
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Office Staff
The complex will appear like one of the nicer ones in the area but in reality it is becomming just as ------ as the others in the vicinity. There are roaches (the big kind) and the leasing office has a very non-chalant attitude toward this. I was told by the leasing agent not to worry those are just "old country roaches we cant get rid of them, everyone (apartment complex) has them". Well i know for a fact that the Post apartments in Buckhead dont have them! <br><br>There is also the problem of crime and vandalism. My car's rear windshield was smashed by a large rock. My tires were slashed and the exterior of the car was keyed. I have neighbors who were burgurlarized within the past 60 days. Today's date is 10.17.05. There are teenagers who loiter on the stairwells all hours of the day and night.<br><br>Finally they have an extremly agressive eviction policy. If you loose your job in the middle of April and cant pay May's rent then you will be evicted before the end of May. This is the case no matter how consistent you had been in the past. So if you loose your job and are looking for work you had better find it fast because you will get evicted in less than 20 days of a late rent. They actually posted this on everyone's doors a while back. The wording was very callous and threatening. They could uses a primer on customer service.
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Highland Chase

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