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2700 Summit Creek Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
2700 Summit Creek Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended

Reviewed 09/08/2015

Lets see, where do I begin. 1st of all, lets be up front. Memorial Dr is where all the black folk are if u do not want to be around these type people, noise, ratchetness, if you dont want to hear your neighbors beating each other up [quite typical], then STAY AWAY from this area. There are mostly young kids starting out that live here btw. I been living here since January 2015. 1st, I moved into a Lounge, I had a issue with my neighbors, they practicaly killed each other everyday and I could hear them having sex at night which disturbed me because I had to wake up at 6 AM every morning. I knocked on there door one night asking them to keep the noisedown, instead of calling the police. The young man in the apartment threatened to rob me and kill my yorkie because I threatened to call the police. The following day there was a flood in my dining room which cause my carpet to get wet, furniture damaged in everything. There was a strong smell of mold the same night. Nobody didn't come til 2 days later. All my furniture and walls started to grow fuzz. GROSS. Push come to shove I got moved to the loft. Much better for me. a few months later I ended my lease free of charge because some black male kept knocking on window and would show me his genitals. this was a wrap for me. some advise given to me by a maintenance worker who was fired: Any apartment in buildings 100,200,300,600, 700,1000, 1200,1600,1700, 1900, 2200 and 2600 have MOLD no matter how it looks. You WILL encounter mold and risk a loss of all your personal items. the pipes freeze during the winter time & almost all downstairs apartments get flood. Just look up the haverly on google or news and u will see it all. The wifi password for the internet is the offices phone number, which is 4042921800. The manager is a transgender, this was sayd by the other staff member in the office, so be prepared to deal with her/his awful attitude. you're welcome.
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The Haverly at Stone Mountain

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