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2700 Summit Creek Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
2700 Summit Creek Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

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Trent_U • Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended

Reviewed 03/04/2019

Well I tried to give them a chance I moved here may of 2018 and is now March 2019 and i cant wait to move. For the first 3 months of me living here my AC did not work in would call to put in work orders but much like now no one ever answers the phone after they finally fixed my AC my heat wouldn't work right around the time it started getting cold. Routinely calling and leaving messages nothing was done about it later I found out it was because the maintenance man locked his set of keys in my house..........yeah I still am not sure how he managed to lock my door which is a dead bolt lock without his keys i returned the keys and after 3 weeks of no heat I finally had heat. It doesn't end there I was looking to upgrade and the assistant manager at the time kept telling me a date but would never talk to me directly a week before the date she told me to move came I called her and she still didn't answer my calls but had her leading agent tell me they don't have a unit available for me. This is after I put in my time off from work to move and everything. The staff is lackluster and unprofessional and need to be constantly checked on if you want anything done. The rent they charge isn't that high but it is higher then all of their competitors in the area and the units are outdated. They slap all this lipstick on these pig units to make them look slightly better but the fact of the matter is you are still getting units the require gas, have run down appliances, piss poor ac units. My hot water heater was tagged by the gas company and they told the haverly to fix the violation. What did the haverly do? Nothing they just turned my gas back on ignoring the blatant gas smell in the air. My hot water heater then months later started leaking ruining everything in my laundry room all my sons toys and a few other things and what did the haverly do? No not fix the leak that I informed them about 1 week prior to they just brought a wet vac soni could suck up the water that keeps coming out. This complex is in poor shape it's no wonder they cant keep a manager if they think I will be living her for another year they are horribly mistaken
The Haverly at Stone Mountain Manager04/05/2019

Hi Trent, thank you for sharing your insights and we are sorry to see that your experiences so far have been unenjoyable so far. We would like to start making things right, so we ask you to reach out to our community manager via [email protected] if you would like to discuss these areas of improvement further. We look forward to connecting soon about your hot water heater and all other inquiries or concerns that are impeding your time here.

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