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Caswyck Olde Town



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ShelleyB • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
I moved in three months ago and have had one problem after another. First, my carpet had over one hundred pink spots/stains/streaks in it through the living and dining rooms. Yes, one hundred different places! They recleaned it which made some of the spots lighter, but that has been it. There is also a spot probably 8 inches by 3-4 inches that looks like some kind of chemical burn. It is hard and shriveled and directly in the walkway from the living room to the master bedroom. I've been promised new carpet sometime, but I'm still waiting.<br><br>I was told when I was signing the lease that I would be able to see the apartment a week before I moved in so if something wasn't to my satisfaction, they would fix it before I moved in. I got to see my apartment at two o'clock the day before and I complained then about the carpet. I'm still complaining now.<br><br>Next, they promise a monitored alarm system which they tell you will take 5-7 days to set up. Tomorrow is three weeks and I'm still waiting for the alarm system to be turned on...<br><br>Thirdly, I was missing a doorstop in one bedroom and the wall was dented. It took over a week to get that fixed.<br><br>Fourth, don't expect the pool to always be open. There are two pools and today they are BOTH closed for maintainence. I still don't understand why they don't do maintainence on one pool on Monday and the other on Tuesday so at least one pool is open, but I was told that, "the pools have to have regular maintainence and it is easier to put chemicals in both pools at the same time." They don't care about inconveniencing their residents, they just care about what is easiest for the apartment complex.<br><br>When I moved in, I expected a welcome guide or some kind of welcome basket as I had received at every other apartment. No such luck here. When I went to the office to ask for one, I was given a magazine and told it had everything I needed. The apartment rep (after I waited about 15 minutes) showed me the address for the licensing office in the magazine so I could have my driver's license switched over. Of course, it was the wrong address and several things in the list of items you need to switch your vehicle's tags was wrong as well.<br><br>When I got the magazine, I asked about getting a phone book and they told me to contact the phone company. Then I went back another day to use their phone book (before I had my internet connection set up), and the lady in the office that day said, "Did you not get a phone book when you moved in?" I didn't get anything when I moved in.<br><br>The fitness center and pool are supposed to be by key card access only, but the gate hasn't worked since I moved in. I want to work out early in the mornings, but since it is open to all, I don't feel safe going there at 5:00am by myself.<br><br>I didn't realize that my apartment on the second floor would be over a garage (I was told it would be on the end of the building). Every time the garage door opens and closes, there is a terrible noise and the floor shakes. If you decide to take your chances, be sure that there isn't a garage directly beneath you.<br><br>Every time you go by the office, expect to wait at least ten minutes sitting on the couch with other frustrated tenants. If you call and leave a message, it will be at least 3 days before anyone returns your call. I've only found one person at the office who even seems like she cares. I suggest you look for Laura as she is the only one who seems to get anything done there.<br><br>If I had it to do over again, I would not live here. I wish I had known what it would be like and stayed away. Don't believe what they tell you when you visit. My apartment is much worse than the model. My living room has a huge ridge running across one wall for several feet and there are cracks in some other walls. My dining room wall shakes so hard that the picture comes off the wall when it rains hard because of the outside gutter. When this happens, there is also a terrible noise in the apartment.
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Caswyck Olde Town

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