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The Residences of McGinnis Ferry

4021 McGinnis Ferry Road

Suwanee, GA 30024



Former Resident · 2018 - 2020
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Office Staff
I rented from The Residences for 2 years. It was great in the beginning. I enjoyed living there and had good neighbors. All of that changed in late 2019. New people moved in and things got less peaceful from there on out. Two key events worth highlighting. One is that there was a murder of an 18 yr old boy just a few doors down from my unit. After this happened, the mgmt did nothing to secure the property except put up a couple “no trespassing” signs. My unit faced a wooded area that was dark at night. The building lights never worked and they made no effort to try and make them work. While the murder happened in broad daylight, they still made little effort to secure the property after this incident. Then, the mgmt moved in bad tenants in the unit beneath me. They slammed their doors at all hours of the night, played loud music and smoked marijuana. I couldn’t tell you who lived there because there was a steady stream of people in and out of that unit. The icing on the cake was when one of the tenants from that unit came knocking on my door in the middle of the night harassing me and trying to get me to open the door. I had to call the police and get an escort to safety. I later learned that my next door neighbor had the same thing happen to her a few days later. The next day, I went to the leasing office and spoke with Antinia. She was empathetic and promised to do what she could to help. She offered me a unit transfer, which was not an option given the unsafe nature of the property. That’s about as far as the empathy went in this experience. While the mgmt was never rude, they also showed little to no empathy about my situation and why I was leaving. All they cared about was trying to get every dollar they could from me before I left. They essentially told me that I signed the lease, they have no liability and I owed them the money set forth in the lease if I was going to leave. When I left, I didn’t do a final clean because they were keeping my deposit. They not only voided my deposit but then sent me a bill for cleaning fees, carpet cleaning fees because I had a pet (even though I also paid a steep pet deposit and my pet never messed up the carpet), and a fee to remove christmas garland from my balcony. This experience not only cost me my sanity but also several thousand dollars just so I could have a safe place to live. My advice… avoid this place at all cost and do your due diligence with the Suwanee PD before you sign your lease.
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The Residences of McGinnis Ferry Manager


Hello Nikki. Thank you for your review. We appreciate you sharing your experience and know that we value and appreciate our residents and their feedback. At your convenience, we would be happy to address your issues and concerns. Thank you again, and we apologize for your overall experience.

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The Residences of McGinnis Ferry

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