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Windsor Forest Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2010
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Office Staff
First of all, I have never seen this apartment complex spelled "Windsor" it has always been Wyndsor Forest Apartments. I moved here in 2006, moved out in 2007, and CAME BACK in 2009, just because I had lived in other apartments, and could not wait to come back here. I have always occupied a 2 bedroom standard apartment upstairs. I have NEVER had my apartment broken into, nor ANY of my cars. YES, the neighborhood is always quiet. the neighbors around me mind their OWN business. I pay my rent on time, and usually am not even involved with the rental office unless needed. Maintenance could be better, but hey, they are overworked and underpaid, and usually my husband and I just figure out a way to fix the small stuff ourselves to avoid the headache. There is always a change in the rental office with who works up there, but like I said, I just keep to myself and apartment complexes change management all the time, I have lived in enough of them to know. I enjoy the peace and quiet of my screened in porch with the ceiling fan, one of the main reasons I moved over here. the apartments are MARTA accessible and SUPER convenient to Union City, Fairburn, Fayetteville and Peachtree City. Yes, there are children there, but kids are everywhere, get over it, they are in by evening if they even come out, and they all go to school just like the adults go to work. This is a working class apartment community, no hoodlums outside all night blasting music outside your doors with nothing better to do, no drugs, I have not seen any crime around in all the years I have lived here, but that may be because I have an alarm system in my apartment and on my car, I stay to MYSELF, I do not talk to many people other than speaking to my neighbors, and I mind my own business. One of my friends just moved into the new phase, because she loved it so much when she dropped me off one day, and I am sure her two sisters will be moving in as well by the end of the year so, more referrals for me!! So, I have no idea where these other people have been living, but I would recommend Wyndsor Forest to anyone!
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Windsor Forest Apartments

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