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Amelia Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Beware of the "good" and "positive" references written on this, or any, apartment review site. They are often written by the managers or the management corporation. If ------ could manage to understand proper English, she would see that the apartments they are managing are filled with criminals. Obviously, because there was a theft of thousands of dollars of equipment from an apartment that was being cleaned out during our moving process. Leave your stuff there in YOUR apartment, while moving, and POOF, come back and it is gone (no, the locks aren't changed....your stuff is just gone). Thieves are the people managing and working at the Amelia Apartments. Oh, and if you COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR MISSING ITEMS? ------ will then MAKE FALSE ALLEGATIONS regarding the condition of the said apartment. NO PROOF by the way. NO PICTURES of said damage. You are just mandated to listen to ------, the SOUTHLAND MANAGEMENT employee (who probably is enjoying a few of the stolen items). ------ has some serious issues regarding her management style and personal dealings with the public. Nice when it is in her best interest; and a ----- when she is enjoying tenant's money and stolen items. ------ will hang up on you if she does not like what she hears. By the way, did we mention that the above was done WITHOUT AN EVICTION OR COURT NOTICE? Nope, we were not being evicted; we just decided to go elsewhere. We gave notice. We assume then, ------ believed everything was fair game, and hers for the taking. ------ then hangs up on the tenents when they call regarding their stolen items. Very nice ------. You deserve the 2011 Employee of the Year Award. So, be forewarned. Stay away from ANY property that SOUTHLAND AND ------ of Valdosta, GA manages (even in other cities; we suspect they are just as dishonest). Your valuable posessions will never make it out alive (or should we say, with you).
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Amelia Apartments

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