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Amelia Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
This has been the most horrible place I have ever lived and it gets worse with each passing month. There is so much noise here it's like living in a war zone. The police are here at least 5 times a day or more and nothing gets done. When making complaints to Southland Property Management they just shrug their shoulders and say there is nothing they can do. Sheila at the office gets an attitude every time you bring up an issue. The owner is a coward and won't show his face. There is trash everywhere. The dumpster area looks so bad like it's harboring a few diseases. Maintenance takes forever to get here. I've been waiting for months to get some things fixed. There is absolutely no security even though it's advertised. The pool area is so full of children from other neighborhoods the tenants here can't even use it. This place has become a haven for drug dealers and drug addicts. Tenants are constantly feuding. Everyone is racist and act like animals. My friends and family won't even come near this place anymore because they are scared something bad is going to happen to them or their vehicle. Anything left outside gets vandalized or stolen as soon as it's left unattended. I can't even leave anything on my patio without it disappearing. Many apartments and vehicles have been broken into. Nobody ever cleans up after their dog and you can't even walk though the grass without stepping in crap. There are so many flies everywhere from all the dog crap and disgusting dumpster you can't even spend any time outside. I cannot wait until my lease is up so I can move out of here. Hopefully I won't get shot or stabbed before then. If you want a taste of the ------ then by all means move in but if you want peace and quiet then consider moving far from this place! Your best bet is to avoid renting from anything that Southland Property manages.
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Amelia Apartments

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