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Spanish Mission Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2005
I lived at Spanish Mission for 1.5 years. I only moved because of a job in another city. I absolutely loved living there and miss it all the time. I never had any problems with the management. They actually went out of their way to help me many times. The apartment was in the best move-in condition I have ever experienced. It was the first time I have moved in somewhere and I didn't feel like I had to clean things again to live there. <br>Maintenance was almost always on top of their game. Any problem that I reported was always fixed the same day, many times before I even got home. I did have on problem after my hot water tank broke and flooded my apartment (which is to be expected in older apartments), but they did do the best they could to rectify the situation.<br>I had a dog and always felt safe walking her at all times of the day and night. I really enjoyed my experience.<br>The parking situation does leave room for improvement. One space is allocated for each apartment. So, if it is late at night and someone has taken your spot you might have to park in a different lot. I had rude neighbors who never informed their guests of the parking rules and conveniently their guests always chose my spot to park in. Towing is enforced, and if I had wanted to be a jerk I could've towed them, instead I chose to write warnings. With parking so tight I was determined to get the spot I paid for!!!<br>I woud give Spanish Mission an A on everything. I wish I could take that community with me everywhere I went.
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Spanish Mission Apartments

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