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Three Oaks Apartment Homes



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Three Oaks is definitely not the worst place in town but I feel that there are rental properties where you can find a better deal. THE GOOD: It's nice and quiet 90%-95% of the time. No one throws parties or loud get-togethers, so if you value peace and quiet then this is a major plus. It has a very diverse population. My neighbors in my building were a young couple, a retired elderly widow, and an air force soldier. It's a safe neighborhood and apartment complex. I am a single and young female but I never felt uncomfortable or scared to walk to my car for work (I worked 11p-7a). They offer employee discounts so if you are in the military or work for preferred employers like the local hospitals, you will receive a percent off of your rent EVERY month. My 1bd/1ba was very spacious and the rent was pretty affordable. THE BAD: If you are like I was and have no washer and dryer, the on-site laundromat is not so great. It has only four washers and four dryers which for an apartment of this size was definitely not enough. Unless I got up at the crack of dawn or went late at night, there was never any free washer or dryer. I finally gave up and would drive all the way across town to Suds City to wash my clothes. They cut off your water quite frequently due to "maintenance issues". I think it's because the buildings are a little older (built in 1970s) and probably only have one valve so if they have moderate-major problems they have to shut off the entire water system to fix the issue. They also hardly ever give you a heads-up as to when they were going to cut off the water. Occasionally they'd slide a flyer underneath your door around 11a telling you the water would be off from 12p-5p but what if you were out running errands or taking a nap? By the time you'd get the notice, they've usually already cut the water off so if you wanted to wash clothes, cook, or shower you'd just have to wait...and wait. THE UGLY: Due to the many trees and forestry that surrounds Three Oaks, there is a bug problem. I saw spiders and small roaches all the time and I am a very clean person. I reported the problem to the office and the front desk worker just told me to make sure I'm taking out my trash and not leaving dirty dishes with food on them in the sink. I told her that I keep my place very clean and she said she'd have the pest control come out and spray. He came out, did the normal one minute spray down like he does every month and left. The problem persisted and never really went away. I signed a 9-month lease with Three Oaks due to me planning on moving to Florida. I assumed that if I needed any extra time after my lease was up that I could just pay on a month-to-month basis instead of resigning. However, they have a prorated rent system that is very expensive. Basically it would have been an extra $200 a month for me to stay in my same apartment unless I signed a lease renewal. They basically twist your arm into resigning by setting the month-to-month prorates very high. It's wrong because after being a good tenant for 9-months, I shouldn't of had to stress and worry about being out by a certain time to avoid paying such steep new rates.
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Three Oaks Apartment Homes

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