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Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
Ok so I live here currently. It's a decent apartment.... but!!!! The female staff her is disgusting, one in particular, and I mean disgusting. Here is why.... as soon as it starts getting warm her and her abundance of Male friends (-------- single men... who are tenants, or at least some of them are) go out to the pool at late hours and get drunk and she has them --------- her or something. I went outside earlier in the night (around 11pm or 12am) and I hear them partying at the pool beer bottles clanking together or on the concrete, glass bottles shattering, loud music as well as them laughing and talking. Later on I go back out (around 3am) I hear her moaning, still at the pool. Its 3am and you're having sex at the apartment pool! Just because you work here doesn't mean you can do whatever you want! It's a --------------------------------------------. The pool rules sign state no drinks or food allowed inside the pool area, also that the pool "closes" at a specific time, around 8pm or something. She also has 2 big dogs (one of which is very aggressive when around neighbors, scary dog, tried to run up on me, very aggressively barking, about to break the leash to get to me), in these apartments there's a rule you need to clean up after your dogs poop, if you dont and someone sees you and shows proof you get a fine.... she doesn't pick up after her dogs, but she works at the office so how am I suppose to report her and someone actually do something about her?? I dont know how to contact the apartment manager directly so they can take action. I can no longer take my kids to the pool because she and her Male companionS have sex in it. That's not the first time they've been there past "pool closing hours" drinking and being ridiculously loud either, it happened multiple times last summer. The only difference this year is that they were having sex in the pool area. Absolutely ridiculous. If I could get in contact with the manager or someone who could do something about her behavior I would. Paying 834 for pools that I can no longer take my kids to... thanks nasty.
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Three Oaks Apartment Homes

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