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Three Oaks Apartment Homes



Former Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
I was told I did not need to pay a security deposit being military and their agreement with Moody AFB. Then I was told that I did due to no rent history, even though I have had my names on other contracts. I ended up paying a security deposit of $250 with the notion of getting it back upon move out. I and approached the employees of Three Oaks about what fee's I would need to pay for lease termination. I asked if there was anything I could do to get out of these fee's, my option was a sub-lease. We had found a gentleman who wanted to take over our contract. When I signed the papers I asked all the appropriate questions, "Is there any more needed on my end?" they said "no" We got a final move out date of June 12th. During our walkthrough a few things were brought to our attention. We were also told we should have not paid a deposit being military and the reason why we did change to I must have had poor credit. Before it was rent history and now it was poor credit, neither of which applied. When trying to dig for an explanation the manager said "The lady who made you pay it doesn't work here anymore." Later we found out via their corp. that a third party actually handles the payment of deposits. No employee knew of this. We cleaned the stove and the pans with the manager standing by. When we were done she said nothing and asked for a second mailbox which we never received. She explained it was it was their policy to hand all of the keys out, or none at all. I replied and told her we never had one and to please check if they did. There was a $55 floor treatment as stated in the contract. When we left we asked if the $55 could have been taken out of the deposit to which the manager replied "yes". The next day we were informed that we were being charged $45 for drip pans, $35 for a key $55 for floors. Eventually they found the key and took the fee off. The last thing that was explained during the walkthrough was there needed to be ten days between tenants due to some law. Never were we told that there had to be ten days. This amounted to roughly $55 a day for no one to live there. We moved out and continued to go back and forth on the fees and security deposit. I had an $860 credit on my account along with the $250 deposit. Expecting half of the credit back and working for the security deposit we were only looking at roughly $270 back to us. Several times we attempted to schedule meetings with the employees only for the one we needed to speak to, not be there. We would show up later that day after leaving a message via employee and written, she left early. A weekend would pass and an entire Monday only to call and have her say "Oh, I had no idea you were trying to contact me" We were constantly bounced around from employee to employee on different issues, everyone had different explanations and there were flat out lies told. Ultimately the person who was supposed to take over the lease back out and would be receiving our deposit back, minus only $20 in fees totaling $230. When we got a bill saying they had added a $55 flea treatment we didn’t care because they had just taken $20 total. Even though we paid a $400 pet fee and asked about the contract stating that we had to have to floors sprayed once we moved out but the pet fee paid for that. There was nothing in the contract that stated an amount of money. Going further into this we were informed that our $860 credit owed a month's rent. We had asked several times if the paperwork had been signed and we were told yes, it was not. So we had scrambled and moved out by the 12th because we were told legally we had to be. Their manager told me she didn’t know why she did me and favors because I didn’t "appreciate them" and that they had "dropped the ball" on this process. When I asked why did I have to pay for someone who didn't fulfill their commitment and was forced to moved out she replied "You didn’t have to move out, you could have been roommates with him" Contradicting the ten day law she had used earlier After years, I’ve been motivated to come on here. They are still scamming my former Airmen. They will charge you everything from stove top plates, (50) to window blinds cleaning, (25). When I asked for invoice of these time, many went away. Showing they’re not done. They also lied to the BBB saying I left food and item behind. This is unlikely and flat out not truthful given we had done a walkthrough. This place lies and will scam you out of everything they can. Stay away. Please.
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Three Oaks Apartment Homes

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