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Corder Crossing Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
We have been living here for a month and I can not wait to get out of this contract worse apartment/management EVER!!! After we gave then our security deposit to hold our apartment they called and said we had to get a different apartment b/c the lady extended her least for another month. Okay what ever. Then a week later I get another call to push our move in date cause they needed to fix the apartment. That couldn't happen b/c we had everything prepared for that date. When we finally moved in our oven was burning everything, we had the oldest air conditioner throughout the whole apartment complex. We put in our work order on a Monday, didn't get a phone call till a week and day later at 3:45 to come and look at the oven and air conditioner. A week later!? Really and the manager Jessica said they needed to fix it asap b/c it was a ungent matter... again a week and a day later and calling in the evening..... Her words (Jessica) was that they only do work orders in the evenings. Wow never heard that one before, EVER. Not only did she say that but she was arguing with us about why she wants to take care of the work order a week later and why they are calling so late and why it's so urgent now when it should of been urgent when we put our work order in. On 10/09/15 we had to call the maintain back to the apartment b/c we notice that the celling had water stains. Johnny and Adam had came back and I explained to them what was going on and how we notice the change he try to argue with me saying it's like that cause of the attendance before us. But it wasn't like that when we moved in. They went upstairs to look at the bathroom Adam came back downstairs and my fiance was showing him how it was moist and how he notice the change. Adam told him that nothing was wrong. My fiance told him to check next door cause we can hear when they showerd and stuff so it might be coming from next door. Adam got mad and started yelling so my fiance told him we just need that to be fixed so it don't fall through and if he don't want to do his job to get out of our apartment he got mad and told my fiance " I can have your --- locked up" said this like 5 times. And he kept arguing and with him and was trying to fight with my fiance. So my fiance pushed him out of our apartment. Adam was outside of our apartment yelling. Called Jessica to let her know what was going on. Monday comes and we go to speak to her. She took the day off and Adam is still working. We get home to a note on our door saying we have 7 days notice of vacate. Wow how and why? What did we do wrong just cause the maintain didn't want to do his job and argue with us. Sarah was just trying to get us to sign a least putting us anywhere as if we were just going to settle for less. She didn't even want to give me corporate number couldn't even write it down for me.Never can find a parking space these are just the WORSE APARTMENT EVER!!!!!
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Corder Crossing Apartments

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