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Columbia Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2014
Shirley the main front desk is an uncaring rude and selfish .Let's start with that. Every resident agrees. I had made multiple calls to the police for domestic abuse which the office ended up using against me to try to get me out. They don't don't care if you have children or pets or your safety or if you paid your rent every month. You shouldn't be afraid to call the police for domestic abuse bc your afraid of an eviction. This is all being taken up by legal matters now. Also I had to get moved to another apartment because my first apartment had an incredible amount of MOLD in the walls! All over the living room! I had to live with the walls ripped open, fans, dehumidifiers for over a month. They tried to get me to sign a document that I can't sue and I said absolutely not. Luckily I saved all the pictures and documents! Iv hardly ever used the pool because it was never kept up or hardly ever open all summer. It smells like ---- every other week outside bc of the sewer. I just stayed bc I had a three bedroom in a good location in a ok school district , but I'm glad I'm done and everyone can know this awful truth.
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Columbia Creek

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