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Columbia Creek



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Reviewed 04/29/2012
You might think this place is awesome when you first move in, but don't be fooled! that will soon change! The staff is rude rude rude! It takes forever for things to get fixed, i mean come on, there was a water leak in the ground for MONTHS AND I MEAN MONTHS before they even noticed! They don't care about you, just your money! They are way unorganized and leave you to take care of their mishaps! They don't care about your safety, just the appearance to people they might show an apartment to. Trust me, I know this first hand! Oh, did I mention the smell? Yeah, sewage plant RIGHT NEXT DOOR! I hear the workers from there alllll through the night, and the smell..well, use your imagination. They won't tell you about it when you hand them your money!! They are extremely nosey! They send out notices to inspect or fix things for a certain date, and show up two days later to do it, without an explanation, I know this first hand as well!! They will do whatever it takes to get you to sign the papers, but once your in, they could care less. Forget their little we love our clients, nope, just the money! Careful when doing paperwork, if they mess up, your fault not theirs! Deal with it! OH! did I mention that someone got held at knife point one night? YUP! So, looking for somewhere nice to live with nice staff who will take care of your problems when needed and take care of their mistakes and that smells nice? Well, don't look here! SO happy I'm out of there! Almost 4 years I'll never get back!
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Columbia Creek

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