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Sky Ridge Apartments



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kalizha80 • Resident 2010 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/14/2013
This is the most disrespectful place I've ever lived. We are going to move as soon as we have the money. The office manager, Ashley, is a vile person. She is angry every time you go in to pay the rent. She is never in a good mood, never smiles and always takes out her bad mood on whoever walks in the door. Fortunately, they fired her or something because she doesn't seem to be there these days. Good riddance. She refused every time to give me a receipt for my rent. I would have to stay there in the office demanding a receipt each time. She would always try just making a copy of my check but would refuse to sign it. I just had to keep repeating that a copy of a check is not a receipt until it is signed. Now that she if finally gone, there is some little girl who doesn't seem to have her head in the real world. She never knows how to answer any questions. But, at least, she is not a hate-filled monster like Ashley. The community has been taken over several times by different companies. Each time, they do "community improvements" that don't improve your life at all. Such as, they posted all these notices about how excited they were to be putting in gutters. Then, as soon as the gutters were installed, they got filled up with pine needles and overflowed. So now it overflows just the same as if there were no gutters at all. Then they posted notices about how excited they were about installing new toilets and faucet parts to "save on your water bill". However, they initiated a flat rate a long time ago on water based on the number of bedrooms you live in so there is no change in how much a resident pays for water. There may be savings to the company, but not to us. Oh, and the changing from metered to flat rate was another "improvement" they were excited about. So much excitement, so much mediocrity and lies.
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Sky Ridge Apartments

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