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1345 Towne Lake Hills South Drive

Woodstock, GA 30189

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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
I moved here in January 2005. Since I have been here there has been a murder and a meth lab bust. (According to my neighbors that made the 2nd met lab bust in less than 1 year). Per the Manager's Office the gates are suppose to be closed from 7pm until 7 am. The murder took place approximately at 9pm. The gates were NOT closed that night. I had left about 8:30 pm to go to the store..they were not closed then. I returned right after the murder took place..approx 9pm. I drove right past the truck that was the target of the shooting. It had just ran into the mailboxes and people had just stated walking towards the truck to help out the occupants. The gate was NOT closed then either. Would the murder had taken place if the gates were closed? i wonder???? <br><br>The Management Office is NOT sympathetic to your needs nor do they take responsilibity for their actions or the actions of those who they employee. I have been paying an exterminating fee on my water bill since i have moved in. The Office told me that they do not send anyone out to spray UNLESS you notify them to do so. I asked them to have someone come and spray. I came home to find my cell phone missing from my apartment and a card from Orkin stating theat they had been there to spray. I called the office to advise them of this and ask them to call the person that had been in my apartment that day. They refused to call the person or Orkin to inquire about the cellphone. They made the following comments to me "Maybe you did not lock your door!" "Maybe one of your friends took the phone!" "We have used the same people for over two years..they are in and out so fast that they do not have time to look around and take things!" If Orkin or the employee from Orkin is NOT responsible then why did the Manager tell me "We will NOT be able to spray your apartment again UNLESS you are at home!"<br><br>Also the water bill has to be paid to the complex. There are 2 people in my apartment and water bill has averaged $75.00 a month--for 30 days of service.(the office told me when i moved in that the water bill should average $35 a month). It states on the bill that we use an average of 7800 gallons per month. There is NO WAY that two people can use this much water. The water bill arrives at the end of the month and MUST be paid with the rent or the office will refuse your rent payment. <br><br>Also when i signed my lease i asked about having Dish Network. The Office said that the Dish must be inside patio, NOT in the ground. I asked them if the Dish could be braced on the banister. Their response was "yes, of course!" Now 9 months later they put a notice on my door that stated that the Dish had to be on a stand or on the porch or that they would remove it for a $150.00 fine. They allow less than one week notice. So I am having to pay Dish Network $99 to come move it. If they had told me in the beginning (January) that it had to be on a stand, i would have had it put on a stand. <br><br>The Office Staff will not correct the problem that I am having with the temperature being much colder in my bedroom that any other room. I am certain that the problem is due from lack of insulation on the outside of the wall in the bedroom. The bathroom is on the same outside wall and is much warmer than the bedroom. <br><br>Parking is first come, first serve. If you move near a closed in garage building don't expect to get a good parking place unless you do not work or go anywhere that requires you to move your car.<br><br>I have a neighbor that chews tabacco and spits it all over the outside of the building. His roomate smokes and leaves cigarette butts in the breezeway and all over the grass outside.<br><br>I asked the Management Office when they were going to fix the items that needed replaced or repaired. I had completed a "move-in" sheet. They told me that they do not fix anything unless they are told to do so. They said that I had to call or come by and specifically ask for each & everything to be fixed or it would just stay the same. It seemd to me that they do not want to keep their property up. They keep up what they have to so the potential residents will be impressed. They are very nice to UNTIL you sign a lease then it is a different story. To get out of your lease you must give a 60 day notice pay the current month rent plus two more months rent and a "damages" charge of the rent amount (4 months rent) all at once.<br><br>I have asked the office for assistance in geting these problems solved, but they just have a "rude comment" to make everytime i call them. I have given up and will be moving as soon as my lease is up.
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