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Mortensen Manor



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Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
I lived there with 2 other housemates about 3 years ago. We have a split-level townhouse, which we thought would be nice since it's spacious and it allowed pets. I lived upstair in the master bedroom (which was huge), it has a pretty big walkin closet and a bathroom upstair too. Downstairs has 2 bedroom and 1 small bathroom, which was not too good since my 2 housemates had to share that small bathroom.<br><br>Pros:<br>- Very spacious, except for the bathroom downstair.<br>- Rent included a garage, which was nice for the winter, and rent is not too expensive.<br>- Nice outdoor pool near by.<br>- Nice view outside.<br><br>Cons:<br>- Walls are really thin. We had problem with our neighbor because they constantly turn the music up super loud 24/7. The entire house was just shaking with the noise. They complained about us walking up & down stairs and made loud noise. So, walls are just not sound proof at all.<br>- Master bedroom upstair is huge, but the air-conditioning was VERY BAD. It's super super hot in the summer (since it is upstair) and super super cold in the winter (the heated air didn't have enough force to make it upstair). So I was either fried in the summer or freezed in the winter.<br>- Laundry room is in a separate building away from all the townhouses. We were lucky to live only couple buildings away. But it's pretty hard to carry all the laundry outdoor to the laundry building in the winter when it's snowing out and freezing cold.<br>- They DID NOT clean the driveway after snowing. It's ice on the road for the entire winter I was there. My roommate almost hit other's car several times when he was trying to park, and my neighbor got stuck in the middle of the parking lot trying to back out of the garage after a heavy snow.<br>- Very far from school. It's the last stop of the Cyride Red route. So it takes about 25 mins to get to campus. If you miss the bus, you are screwed.<br>- Maintenance are pretty slow. Usually they don't response till after 2 weeks or so.<br><br>Overall, I would say its OK to live there. I guess I was just bad luck to have bad neighbor. It's really pretty quiet outside, lots of families live there, so it's a pretty safe community.
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Mortensen Manor

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