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The Grove



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
When I first moved in, I thought the grove was a great place to live. The staff seemed friendly, the area seemed clean, and the atmosphere seemed pleasant. However, I was very wrong. First, the "amazing" coffee machine they advertise has been broken for two years now. Second, It is definetely not a gated community, since the gates have been broken for several years. Third, the employees all have completely different (and rude) answers to questions that residents have, which is extremely confusing. Fourth, the maintenance guys leave paint and such all over the place after they are done "fixing" the problem. They have zero knowledge of how to clean up after themselves. Next, the gym is falling apart with half of the equipment not working. Lastly, the model apartment that they advertise is no where near what the actual awful apartments look like. Things are falling apart, carpets are coming up, and the furniture is the worst I have ever seen. Above are just a few of the reasons why no one should live at the grove, and they are not even the worst part of it. The worst part is that they know that most people living there are college students who can't afford much. Yet, they nickle and dime you for everything you own. For just one example, the grove pays $25 per tenant towards utilities, and the rest is left up to the tenants. It should go without saying, that it is their responsibility to fill all of the rooms in the apartment, yet in my apartment they did not. Thus, they make me pay the utility bill for the room that is empty, which raised my payment significantly each month, on top of the extra charge they make you pay for having utilities. Now, I have lived in other apartments that were more expensive that, at the time, I thought wasn't worth it. However, you are better off paying more money for a decent apartment than living at the grove. Living here has made me more broke than ever before, due to all of the hidden fees that they don't tell you about until you receive the bill. Bottom line: I would not wish living at the grove on my worst enemy. I realize that owning this type of business can be difficult, which is why the owners/managers of the grove should have never even tried.
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The Grove

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