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Windsor on the River

2200 Buckingham Drive Northwest

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405



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masterchief45 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/27/2007
Where to start... well, we live next a sex offender who likes to have friends over every day and listens to his music until three AM. We've called the police on him twice and the management knows about it but refuses to do anything. Speaking of the management (or lack there-of) we've had a faulty garbage disposal that smells to high heaven for about three months, and despite incessant calling we have yet to have someone come check it. Parking is adequate, just make sure you don't get your windows busted out (which happened to me twice). That problem could be fixed but walking outside in the nighttime here is like walking into a black hole. There's very little light. Making your cars an easy target in the darkness. And just recently mice have taken up shelter in the space between my ceiling and the floor above. I can hear them scurrying around at night. I'd call the managment and tell them about it but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do anything about it. In summation, unless you're crazy (you'd fit right in), don't live here. I cannot wait until my lease is up.
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Windsor on the River

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