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Hampton at Coral Ridge Apartments

2260 10th Street

Coralville, IA 52241



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
Don't believe the hype. The giant sign that says "Award Winning Customer Service" is not exactly what you think. In fact, after making some of the complaints I've had known to the office, again, I was not provided a solution, rather I was told to write down all the issues I'm having. So here it is. A little background, I have paid my rent on time, every time. I have paid ahead. I have even paid what I believe to be exorbitant deposits. I pay for a garage. I pay for a washer and dryer. I have the full experience. Day 1 - Move in. Around August. Yellow Jacket nest was in the brick at the corner of the front and only door to my apartment. Called maintenance, they would not come out as it was a weekend and not an emergency. Fine. I spent my own money and got a ton of bug spray and took care of it myself. Their speedy team dispatched a 3rd party exterminator a few days later... Move in condition was not what I would describe as good. The doors, trim, and floors were all dirty. The toilet runs water constantly - it still does to this day. This was all described in my move in checklist that I turned in. They did not re-clean or dispatch anyone to fix the toilet. Garage Door Opener I called about my garage door opener not working/working intermittently. Maintenance came out, fiddled with it for a bit, and said they'd get me a new opener. Never Happened. Still have to click it several times to make it work. Swapped batteries a few times, no difference. Have a dog? That's fine they welcome pets here! But they don't refill the bags often enough for animal waste, and they place them in areas around the complex that... well.... people aren't really walking to. I live on a corner, and every so often I just go out with a garbage bag and clean up poop corner which seems to be the community poo grounds for dogs because I don't really want to get fined for dog waste being all over. October - My Newborn is coming home... My wife and I just had our first child. About this time in October things were cooling off. I turned on the furnace and it smelled like burning. I looked at the furnace, and saw that it was absolutely filthy. There were literally embers burning from stuff built up on the burners themselves, a fire hazard for sure, not to mention the burning smell and other dangers of fumes. Called for maintenance, Becca said it would be a few days. I had to fix that one myself. Winter The windows are horrible here. I'm talking need to put the plastic film on the windows to stop the drafts bad. But wait! When it snows, don't expect that you can rely on the people here to clear the lot or sidewalks in a reasonable amount of time. I have had to clear snow for myself, and the parking lot in front of my place. The company that comes through to do removal just does a few quick passes to make the lanes on the parking lot passable, but don't expect them to clear parking spaces. So my front main door also leaks like a sieve. I called about this issue. They were unable to properly fix it, and I was told that they would recommend replacing my door. But then as it got colder my storm door also started binding up on the concrete patio out front. I mentioned that but I was just told that was from the frost pushing up the concrete. It's really nice when I let my dog out after I've put the baby to bed and the door makes a metal-on-concrete sound every time I open the door. It's ok, weather should be warming up soon. Door has not been replaced. I wanted to buy my own washer and dryer since having a kid has made the small units they provide inadequate. Cannot do until the lease is up? Oh and they ask for you to renew your lease WAYYY in advance (6mo+) so plan your next place right after you move in There are decent people that live here, and it's in an OK area. The apartments are outdated, from kitchen appliances and cabinets to the furnaces and such. I would not come here expecting the place to have the best maintenance, or customer service- but as long as you pay your bills on time, you'll be fine.
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I am sorry that your experience at our property has been unsatisfactory. I will be happy to look into any concerns that you have about your home. Please email me at [email protected], or you can reach out to our on-site staff.

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Hampton at Coral Ridge Apartments

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