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Deerfield Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2011
My husband and I rented from here. At the time we met with Jenny. She was really sweet and good. She was always so nice to us. We never had any problems. The only down falls were in the winter the hill to go up into the complex was difficult due to snow. Left us locked in for days during the nasty 2009 winter. Another thing was right about the time we were going to terminate our lease a change in management happened. As far as I know no one was informed of the change. No welcome letter or anything from the new manager. This upset me because I feel like you should introduce yourself to your tenants. Lastly, Jenny had apparently done a lot of by word commitments. Now I understand she was in the wrong for that but when someone comes to you with a written agreement stating the terms that were agreed upon by the old manager...you should honor it. But they would not. Since I terminated my lease I had to pay to get out. I had to do a walk through, which they are never ready for. I moved 30 miles away and had to come out to see if they were ready. Finally they were ready! Did the walk through and was going to have to owe them about 50 extra dollars after my deposit. Well I am pretty sure I got screwed on that but that is a head ache I don't want to deal with. Lastly! I was not informed from the complex that my apartment was rented 2 weeks after I moved out. They were supposed to let me know that way I would not have to pay another months rent. I was going to have to pay until the lease was up or if someone rented it. I found out from my electric company because they sent me a final bill and told me someone turned on services. I had to call the complex and the woman I talked to wasn't the manager and wasn't sure what to tell me. The manager NEVER called me! To this day! I recieved my refund check and could not be happier that I left!
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