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Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2011
First of all, if you currently live at Deerfield or any other Goldmark property, don't bother cleaning before you move out because you're not going to get your deposit back. I recently moved out of Deerfield only to get $45.00 out of $300.00!! Seriously not worth it after all the cleaning I did. Then it took a month and a half just to talk to the property manager just for her to basically say thats how it is and that she couldn't do anything about it. TOTAL BS. Anyways,so what about Deerfield itself? The whole 2 years I lived there was nothing but a big headache that just kept getting worse. The parking was a total disaster. If you like coming home from work at 10:30 and not having a parking spot, thats the right place for you! There were times I had to wait for a half hour just to get a spot and once I had to wait even an hour! And it was always nice having to park in the visitor parking area when I was paying to live there. So there isn't enough parking as you can see and to make it worse, everyone kept complaining about the parking and so the management thought it would be hilarious to put in more handicapped parking and 3 visitor parking spots in with our normal parking spots, taking even more parking spots away from us. Then in winter they told us we could park in the Chanticlears parking lot if we wanted!! SERIOUSLY!?!? Its below zero out and your telling your residents they can park even further away if there isnt any spots!?!?! I personally think if you're paying rent you should be guaranteed a parking spot. But maybe thats just me... Back to the 3 guest parking spots though. So they put them up and the residents complained even more so guess what they did..they left the signs up but decided that they were no long guest parking!! Make any sense? So what they did was they kept issuing fines to those people and never actually announced that they were no longer for visitors! Speaking of which, they require parking permits which is how they know if you live there; and after living there about a year and a half my car got towed! Went out to go to work one day and it was gone! So I went into the office and they told me they towed 5 cars overnight because they didn't have parking permits. Ok. I lived there that long and NEVER moved my parking permit and had never gotten towed. Never had an issue until then. Turns out that they checked the cars about 10:30 at night and my back window (which is where they demanded the sticker be at the time) is tinted. they barely looked for my sticker and towed my car. Plus the parking lot in general is really lit at all. Nice and dark. And before that time they had NEVER towed ANYONE. Even if they didn't live there and was parked in the resident parking. But anyways, when I went into the office there was a guy with the same problem who said the address the office had for the towing location was wrong and he gave me the right address and told me how to get there. why didn't the office have the right place!? They didnt have me pay for the tow but I did have to drive clear out into OMAHA to get my car when I lived in COUNCIL BLUFFS. Not to mention I didn't get reimbursed for the gas money I had to waste when I was just following their instruction. So I had to pay for their mess up and all I got was a "sorry about that" which didn't sound like they meant it. What they hell!? After that whole dilema they changed it to where you had to have the permit in the front window and was mad that I needed a new permit because the glue separated from the sticker, which I can't get off my window. Anyways, enough about the parking. So noise. Well when I moved in there were a bunch of trees behind my apt. and without letting any of the residents know they just started chopping them down one day at 7:30 in the morning. This lasted over a week and I work nights so I got no sleep during that time. Then you have peoples kids running through the hallways all day and the parents dont care. At the end of the opposite hall in my building the kids practically lived there. they were always out in the hall playing music, singing to it, and just being loud. Then when your trying to sleep you have kids outside running around screeming. The walls are paper thin and you can hear EVERYTHING! If you're out in the hall you can hear what people are saying in their apt. and what they are watching on tv and you dont have to talk loud at all. its ridiculous! So the property itself. I loved the floorplan of my apt. and liked the location of the apartments. When I moved in the landscaping was nice until they cut down the trees recently. But, management doesnt care that theres dog crap all over in the grass. I wouldn't even bother walking in the grass if I were you. As far as safety goes, I felt kinda safe but not 100%. The cops were up there all the time and cars kept getting broke into. The back lot for visitors wasnt well lit when I lived there and thats where most of the break ins happened. As a resident it was always very stressful when I had to park back there cuz that was the only spot. Maintenance speed changed as I lived there which is a total plus. At first it took them at least a week to come fix something in my apt. I bought new clothes and washed them. I went in later to switch it and half of the water from the washer was on my floor. I called their "emergency" number that was on the office answering machine and the people said they didnt have anyone in my area and that they were located up in Des. Moines! So I had to wait until Monday to talk to someone and it took until that Friday for them to fix it. My clothes were ruined and had no way to do my laundry for a week. Another huge issue I had was that my air conditioning was CONSTANTLY going out in the summer. I don't know how many times I had to go the whole weekend without air and it would be 85-90 degrees in my apt. The hallway was cooler then my apt.! I even had to go almost a week once cuz they couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. they eventually took one from a different apt and that worked for about a month and did the same thing. I was there 3 summers and all 3 I had to deal with this issue. I will say though that the maintenance did get more on top of things shortly before I moved out and usually got to my apt within that day or the next day. But you shouldnt have to worry about your air going out if you are renting from somebody. Epecially if you're rent is $930.00 a month!! For the most part, while I lived there I felt like management just didn't care about their residents and was just interested in getting rent money from me. I complained several times because the building was supposed to be smoke free, hence the balconies. but EVERY DAY the hallways reiked of cigarrett smoke and it would drift into my apt and I would have to smell it. Obviously I am not a smoker and this was a serious issue for me because I get really bad headaches from that. But this issue was never resolved before I moved out. There were even a few times when someone was smoking pot and it drifted into my apt and I was forced to smell it. I called the office and they were "too busy" at the moment and would try to get up there. Both times they never came up or did anything about it. So I said I lived there 2 years. After the first years lease was up I signed a new lease with 2 other people and stayed in the same apt. Then all of a sudden they said we owed them a whole bunch of money!! Ok..I paid my rent every month and it was always early. So why did I owe them?? After a few months I was able to get most of it knocked off but still ended up paying them $140.00 which I still have no idea what it was for. Turns out they completely screwed everything up. they put one of our months rent into someone elses account and gave us someone elses late fees and just a whole bunch of weird crap. they had the office full of people with this issue for months!! And me, all I did was pay my rent and somehow STILL had to pay them extra money I shouldn't have had to. And that's what really makes me mad about my deposit and only get $45.00. Seriously, I cannot stress to you enough that all they care about is money. I could seriously just go on and on about my experience there but its already pretty long. I just hope I put enough to change your mind so that you don't fall into the same trap I did. This is only a third of what I could tell you about that place.
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