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Deerfield Apartments



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pearsandjo • Resident 0 Recommended
Reviewed 03/23/2012
I have had a pretty good experience here at deerfield - it's already been 3 years. My neighbors seem to all be my age (young) and they are quiet and respectful, surprisingly. i have read some reviews about the parking here but honestly it just depends on 1. where your apartments is 2. how many guests you have over.. The complex is very small so therefore parking is pretty limited - my word of advice to anyone complaining about parking is DON'T HAVE PARTIES with unauthorized people over then you shouldn't have trouble finding anywhere to park. The apartments are in very good shape and for the most part completely updated. my utilities bills are always lower than i anticipate (which is awesome!) Its in a decent location by the mall and shops and grocery, etc. I do not have anything to say about the office staff because i rarely hear from them or talk to them unless I have to call about a maintenance question (which is rare), which at that time they have always answered politely and gave me a follow up call the next day. My main concern - which does not directly affect me, is the grounds. they aren't consistently "dirty" but there are times where the same litter will be there for days. And i STILL catch people not picking up after their pets messes. This really needs to improve... but who knows. Overall it's okay.
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Deerfield Apartments

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