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Parkwild Apartments



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DaveatParkwild • Resident 2012 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2013
I have lived in this complex for one year now.....In that time we have gone thru at least four managers. None of them seem to know what they are doing. They never answer their phone or respond back to your calls. They have lost my rent check twice and even tried to evict me. MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING and get RECIEPTS. The apartments are quickly and very cheaply put together. Paint rubs off the walls, pipes bursting, place is falling apart. When it comes to repairs, you may have to wait 3-4 months or I have even waited a year. Make sure you fill out your move in sheet and put cheap appliances on there. The appliances and fixtures are very cheap and always needing repairs which never gets done. I have had two pipes burst and do a lot of water damage in the year I have been here. Mice seem to take over your apartment in the winter. There are Large holes in the walls behind the sinks which lets in cold air and rodents. I will warn you....be ready to pay for high heating bills and AC bills because there is no insulation in these apartments. Its very cold in the winter and my heater runs non stop to keep warm. The Air Conditioners are to small to keep your place cool on warm days. The apartments are located in a beautiful setting with lots of wildlife, but watch out for all the Dog Scat all over the place. You can pretty much hear everything the next door neighbor is doing at all times. They are remodeling a lot of the apartments here very cheaply so there is always construction sounds filling up your place. Management seems to care about getting their apartments all remodeled before they will come and fix any problems you have. Their contractors that do their work leave the place a mess. They don't pick up after themselves. Watch the parking lot for nails. I have documented and taken pictures of nails laying all around their work areas... They can pay for my flat tires..... They finally after a year replaced the two year out dated fire extinguishers.....I even took pictures in case of a fire. If you want to live out in the woods, have a nice view, then this is the place for you, however, get receipts for everything you do and pay. Keep a diary of things broken and how long it took them to fix, I even take photos. Send your requests to them certified return receipt or they will tell you that they didn't know anything was wrong. This management is very MONEY HUNGRY so be ready to pay HIGH RENT and lots of silly fines if it is late. This could be a great place to live if they just cared about their tenants and cleaned up after themselves. However, the grounds do look really nice, I will give them a compliment on that......I usually don't take the time to fill out these reviews but I wanted to save some of you some heartache.....Trust me, take the time to look around and ask questions before you sign a LEASE here......
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Parkwild Apartments

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