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Parkwild Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2013
I was still living at Parkwild when the place was bought out and "renovations" began, but I left in 2010. After eleven years, my apartment was literally falling down around me (leaking and then moldy ceilings, broken down appliances, deck door hanging off it's hinges, deck itelf held together by a couple of nails, an air conditioner that had to be charged with freon five times a summer, water pipes that froze in the winter, double paned windows irreversibly clouded, filthy carpet that needed professional cleaning, mice courtesy of the construction, cockroaches courtesy of a downstairs neighbor, I could go on), but the new management would just sort of shrug and say they couldn't get to my problems until "renovations" started on my building. It became real clear real fast that what they really wanted was to get rid of the current residents so they could "renovate" and raise the rent. Sure enough, shortly after I left, rent went from average $550 a month to average $750 a month. Since that time, I've been seeing these reviews pop up saying that, even post-"renovation", the place is still fraught with problems. The same kinds of problems I had. It breaks my heart, because outside of the buildings Parkwild is the most beautiful complex in CB. I was really hoping it would succeed. But until these people get their act together, you have no cause or reason to be paying the rent they charge now for a place that isn't much better than it was five years ago. If you can afford Parkwild rent, you can afford a much, much better apartment. Keep looking and you'll find it.
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Parkwild Apartments

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