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1801 Parkwild Rd, Council Bluffs, IA 51503
1801 Parkwild Rd, Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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Parkwild Apartments



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Resident 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2010
I have lived here at Parkwild with my boyfriend for almost 8 months now. We moved in here in March 2010. I have read a lot of the older reviews and I just want to try and clarify some things and give my own opinion. The complex is back in the woods up on a hill. It is our first place together and we are very happy here. I will admit it isn't anything fabulous, but that should be expected from a place so old. Rent isn't bad for the quality you get. Now, in a lot of the reviews people were really complaining about maintenance. Sure, thing's don't always get fixed right away, but the maintenance guys here are always on call and always working. There are 100 apartments, and only 2 of them. Seriously people. They aren't miracle workers. I never considered it before, but I guess it might not be the best place for kids because there are a lot of steep hills and they could probably get hurt. I would really recommend this place to young adults who are just getting out on their own or people who don't have kids. Also, if you have something against animals this is NOT the place for you. There are a lot of dogs and believe it or not, dogs bark. lol It's not that bad though. Its to be expected from a pet friendly complex. Parking is fine and I have never been able to hear my neighbors yelling or being loud or anything. The grounds are beautiful and walkways kept clean. It's as safe as it can be for being up on a hillside. Some of the older building are falling apart, but they are kept vacant so no one gets hurt. I'm sure eventually they will have to be torn down. Now our manager Dana is a younger lady. I really don't talk to her much except when I go to pay rent. My boyfriend is close friends with the maintenance guys and I know they think she's pretty ditsy. Sometimes I think this big complex is a little too much for her to handle alone. Whenever I go to her office she is always on the phone, helping people, working on paperwork. If I was in her shoes I'd be scatter brained too. She always has a lot on her plate, so if u need something fixed you may need to remind her a few times, but it's not too bad. Long story short I am very happy here. I have friends here, and it's a great first home. We have a wonderful view and it's a relaxing place. I can see myself here for a while.
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Parkwild Apartments

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