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Parkwild Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/16/2012
My boyfriend and I moved in August 2011. It has been the worst place ever. I knew they were under construction, but I thought they would actually work to get things done. No not the case at all. For the longest time they had two guys doing all the work. We moved from one apartment to another because of horrible water problems in the first one. It wasn't a remodeled unit, and they still haven't remodeled it. I don't think they can fix the problem of water leaking in through the ground unless they dig up around the foundation walls. Will they do that? They didn't when we lived in it. Greg and Jamie partially remodeled another unit that we moved into. It was better than the first with great carpet and tile floor. But still had old cabinets (that we not cleaned and had food crumbs still in it). Both apartments were never cleaned properly before we moved in. Dana never answered my calls, but always answered my boyfriends emails. And now there is a new property manager. I'd say he's worse than Dana. No one ever seems to care about the issues we have dealt with living at this place. It's absolutely ridiculous. It was raining not too long ago and rain started pouring in through the trim at the top. The construction workers hadn't caulked it for one thing. There still isn't any siding on it. I know we won't see it by the time we leave this place. I will be so happy to move out of here. We have had nothing but water issues in both apartments. And now bugs, mainly centipedes. They've sprayed it a couple times, but clearly the construction on the place is crappy since they are still getting in and coming up out of the carpet. My advice stay the heck away from here. No one is ever in the office, even with the new manager. They never return calls if you leave a message.
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Parkwild Apartments

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