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Parkwild Apartments



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gaildasi • Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2009
I use to be a tenant 2002-2004, and i had nothing but problems with carol and i agree she is a horrible person, it started with my son stepping on glass(with shoes on) outside my door i had asked her several times to clean it up because my child was the 4th one to step on glass,he had to get stiches like the other kids, her reply was he shouldnt be playing out there and there was a desinated playground (full of cockaburrs)and he wasnt playing,so i called health department and they made her pick up the glass and put yellow tape around the area. It was on after that she messed with me over and over, wouldnt answer my calls when water main broke but had another renter call and she answered the phone, would be very rude and spiteful,she was charging some people more for garages while others got them cheap or for free, the final straw for me which almost cost her, her job, my 2 kids and I was sick with influenza flu she had called the police and cps that my baby was screaming and crying and I was unresponsive, so we got woke up with her letting them in, and making false accusations, they came in and seen that we were all asleep and i made sure and showed them the hospital discharge papers from that night before, the police and cps cleared my name from any wrong doing on her part and she got introuble with the owners of parkwild, I think she is a miserable old lady that has alot of hate in her heart and after all her years has never learned what dignity and respect means and the judge made the best decision for that place, i wish i could shake his hand.. thank you for reading Angel Johnson
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Parkwild Apartments

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