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River Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2008
My husband and I moved into one of the first new building that was built in 2007. I honestly loved the look of it. We had a top floor 1 bed 1 bath with the tall celings. I fell in love with it and pretty muched begged my husband to move there. When we first spoke with management they were very nice. We of course asked many questions, one being if animals were allowed and they said yes but only in the older buildings. Not even a week after we were settled in and others started to move in too for some odd reason they started to allow dogs in the apartments. But yet we were not allowed to have one. The floor plan was nice. Big bedroom, big walk in closet, nice kitchen, the living room was a little on the small side, and to get to the bathroom you had to walk through our bedroom wich I really did not care for. I could tell mostly in the bathroom that it was put together quickly and carelessly. There was a crack in the bottom glass sliding door to the tub, the cocking started to fall off not even a month after living there. The apartments were just built so they were pretty modern. Though again done obviously in a quick and careless fashion. The baseboards were uneven, painters tape still left on walls, paint drips everywhere. They did not clean them before someone moved in. There were nails I had found in the carpet that could of easly had gone through my foot if I hadnt been wearing shoes, dry wall dust found all over the ledges, windows had a leek in them so you could hear a loud humming sound come in through the windows from the wind. We never had to call for maintenance while we were there and it would of been a little sad if we did knowing they were brand new. But something a little odd came about. We had a knock on our door and we kind of ignored it because it was early morning and we didnt care for any visitors. Until we heard the door open, so my husband ran to the door wondering who it was. Come to find out it was the maintenance man. He had said we called the office asking if he could come check out or balcony saying we had a problem. NOT TRUE. So we were thinking it was some kind of check up. Parking is horrible. When we were living there, there was my husband and I with one car, 2 people living across from us with there own cars and an older lady with a garage below us. But for some reason we hardley ever had the chance to park in front of our own building. There were times we had to park two apartment building down from ours. The noise was not to bad but you could easily hear concerts going on across the river at ricks boat yard. They have a rule for it to be quit from 10pm to 10am they never followed there own rule. At 8 in the morning I would hear mowing going on, the dumpster was right across from us so we could hear that also. At night we heard a lot of parties too. They do have a security guard that would walk around and patrol the lot till they had the chance to get the gates up to go around the new apartments. But it was very rare I saw him go through the area. He would sit at the entrance and smoke. At the time I was 8 months pregnant and had to run down to the car to get something so my husband watched as I had gone down there. While I was there the guard walked past me and as I walked up the stairs he stoped and staired at me. I found that to be really rude. Consturction was still going on while we were there and it was expected. But they could give a care less if they were in your way. I actually was leaving the complex and I stoped for one of the guys to move out of the way for me and a few others to get around. He had started to back up I had hurry up and throw my car into reverse to keep him from hitting me. They dont watch where they were going at all. The only good thing I could say about the staff was that they were very nice people. But they had very bad communication with each other. We would be told one thing by one staff member and then get a whole different story from another. We did have to leave the apartment complex before our lease was up due to us having a baby and needing more room. We were told we would be required to wait for someone to take over our lease and forfit our $500 deposit. So we ended up paying $1620 up front having to leave right away and they had found a lady to move in two months after we had left. When we first moved in and signed the lease we were told our first months rent was free. Now three months later they call us asking for another $810 saying we owe them that first months rent since we did not complete the lease. No where were we told we would have to pay that. And we asked them spacificly what all we would have to do and pay to get out of our lease. I would never want to return to the apartments again. It by far is not worth the money.
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River Park Apartments

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