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Eagle's Crest Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/22/2013
I lived in this complex from 2012-2013. For what they cost versus their poor, cheap design, the tenant should get more. Nothing is included but trash service. Especially with vinyl floors, 1990's carpet and 80's cabinetry. The garage rentals are entirely too pricey for the minimal amount of space you get and are always blocked by moving trucks. I had no issues with any sound problems with neighbors; only the snow removal using snow blowers from 11pm-2am on a weeknight with no snow storm on it's way. The security is mediocre. The workout room in the basement smells horribly of mold. Elevator access is limited depending on where you live in the complex. There was a fire in the laundry room 3 feet from our apartment and we weren't notified. They cleaned it up and just painted over it, probably without reporting it to the city. Because of that, black soot got in the vents and into our apartment and on our things. We reported itnd nothing happened. When we moved our checklist had many items that needed attention from maintenance. We lived there an entire year, NONE of those things were ever addressed. We paid our rent on time, faithfully every month. We never had any complaints from neighbors or from management. Yet, we've been out of the apartment since the end of our lease (even leaving a few days early). The apartment has since then been rented out and we have yet to get our deposit back and it's been two months. There was also 3 changes in office personnel and ownership. We looked elsewhere in Davenport for quite a while, as well as Bettendorf. We ended up settling in Eldridge. The drive is worth it and we now have excellent customer service.
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Eagle's Crest Apartments

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