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Eagle's Crest Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/18/2011
i have been watching the reviews of this joke they would like for you to call home. LIARS, LIARS, LIARS. This place will drive you to go crazy and please with the experience of living here for almost 3 years i now know i would rather be homeless and live in a shelter. ROACHES AND BED BUGS run this place than the poor excuse of management if thats what they call themselves here. Please they will lie and stab u in the back trying to protect their precious ratings. I am physically and emotionally scarred from the bed bugs and living here me and my family are about out of here in a couple weeks because the bugs, poor management,a stalking maintence man who never cares about getting his work done because he is to busy driving bye and slowing down to get a perverted glimpse of me!!!!! Thats why everyone complains about them not getting the work done that would be called a bad case of stalking!!! Also we are only supposed to pay 10.00 for water a month and it doesn't matter the usage. I FEEL SORRY 4 ANYONE HERE!
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Eagle's Crest Apartments

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