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Park Ridge



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
when i viewed the apartments i was assured by the manager that they have a great working relationship with the police and that they periodically drive through, what that actually meant was the police come because they are called. this place sucks. maintenance responds pretty quickly, but be aware, i have stopped calling them because every time they have come in, they have destroyed more of my personal property and track mud through the whole apartment. they ruined my bathroom shower curtain and rugs by staining them with mud that i cannot get out as well as spots on my carpet, fixed an electrical problem but neglected to finish leaving my electricity off and a fridge full of bad food. the hallways constantly smell like weed and the manager does not care, drug dealing going on every night (not exaggerating), my boyfriend has been solicited by a prostitute on property grounds, and the manager picks and chooses which rules and laws she would like to follow. she charges you an application fee for the cost of the background check, however she tells all the tenants that most of building C residents are illegal immigrants, how did she do a background check then? you can hear everything through the walls, which doesn't bother me much because that happens in apartments, but it seems to be a big deal for others rating apartments on this site. cars are broken into at least once a month in the year that i have lived here. housekeeping leaves something to be desired as trash is left in the hallways all the time. someone was bleeding and left blood all over the intercom buttons and up the hand rails in the building and all over the carpet. i gave housekeeping 2-3 days to clean it up and ended up getting rubber gloves and cleaning supplies to do it myself. god knows who could get infected with what. my apartment carpeting was not shampooed, and it may have been painted, but the paint is all bubbled everywhere in the apartment. my dogs have gotten sick because other people living in the complex choose not to take care of their dogs. i think they have stopped accepting dogs, but that doesn't really mean anything because they are supposed to have a weight limit and non aggressive dogs, which doesn't hold true at all. construction projects are started and not finished leaving hallway ceiling tiles missing, etc. i dont have friends or family visit because its embarassing and i am afraid of what could happen to thier property. i would not live here with children. i could go on and on, but i won't. feel i was taken advantage of because of my age, being naive, and the fact that i got hired for a job and had a couple hours after my interview to find a place to live so i could start the following week. i really hopes this stops someone else from getting trapped.
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Park Ridge

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