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Park Ridge



Resident · 2005
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Ok, I'm going to just copy and paste the letter that I wrote to the management company once we moved out. Unless there has been drastic changes in the last four months, I wouldn't recommed this place unless you had no other choice!<br><br>"Christopherson Properties<br>3947 Excelsior Blvd.. #111<br>St. Louis Park, MN 55416<br><br>Re: Resident Exit Survey<br><br>Dear XXXXX:<br><br>First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you give your past residents to give feedback upon moving from your property at Park Ridge. When I we decided to move from Park Ridge, I wanted someone to know what was going on at Park Ridge, yet there didn’t seem to be any contact with anyone outside of the on-site office. <br><br>I have made the decision to move my family from Park Ridge Apartments for various reasons. The safety and security of my family is my prime reasoning for electing to leave your apartment complex. <br><br>On August 28th, 2004 a fire was started in the apartment across the hall from where my family lived. While attending to daily chores, I smelled smoke and became alarmed. Upon discovery of smoke in the hallway, I immediately called the office to report the fire, and then I called 9-1-1 to get fire/rescue dispatched to the building. No alarm or warning sounded that morning in our building. Had this incident happened in the middle of the night, the consequences could have been very grave.<br><br>I feel that this security and safety issue is of high importance to my family. Had I known when I rented this apartment that the fire detection equipment was of such a poor quality and in disrepair, I would not have rented there.<br><br>On several occasions, I have felt threatened by the manager. Upon viewing the apartment that we rented, I began to fill out the rental application. The manager, treated me in a very condescending manner. She told me that if I had ever been evicted from another apartment complex I was wasting her time and my money, as the deposit would not be refunded. I felt threatened by the way that she spoke to me and was up in my face as if I had done something wrong. I don’t think that is the best way to welcome someone to your property.<br><br>Also during our initial viewing, the manager, used a baseball bat to threaten a resident who came in asking about a notice found on his door. The resident didn’t approach her in a violent or confrontational manner, so her reaction was a bit extreme. (Granted, I am unaware of the circumstances surrounding the notice.) I still feel that physical threats are not generally the best way to resolve business issues.<br><br>More recently, I was given a warning for littering. I came to the office to find out what I could have possible done that would be considered littering. With in a few short minutes the easy question of what was I being warned for escalated in to threats to charge me outrageous fees for littering. A post card had been found in the lobby with my name and address on it. When I asked if I could have my piece of mail, she told me that I could not have it, as it was part of “my file”. This was not the only occasion that I have felt threatened by her. I have found her behavior less than professional on every occasion that I have spoken with her. <br><br>Shortly after moving into the apartment at Park Ridge, I noticed that our bathroom ceiling began leaking water. The apartment was not in this condition when it was shown to us, nor when we moved in. I immediately reported the leaking ceiling tiles to the office, and a repairperson was sent out to look at it. Nothing was done to repair the leak. After several calls to the office, and several visits from the repairperson, and no action, I ceased to call and report the now disgusting, brown, wet dripping ceiling tiles. <br><br>The entry way and hallways in our building were consistently filthy. Regularly, trash filled the entryway. On several occasions I took the liberty to clean up the entryway as to avoid embarrassment when we were expecting visitors. <br><br>We also had a problem that with every rainfall, the patio door would leak. The leak is not just a minor leak, yet it was a downpour in our living room. I reported this to the office promptly. A repairperson was sent out, but no action was taken. The second time it rained and wet the carpet and furniture in our living room, I reported it to the office and I was told that the repairperson didn’t see that there was a problem. I had taken pictures of the leak incase we needed to file an insurance claim for the water damage. I provided a copy of this picture to the manager. A repairperson was again sent out and caulking was installed around the door. This did not resolve the problem; the door continues to leak at every rainfall. During the summer months the carpeting with in a 6’ area around the door was constantly wet. We threw away a recliner and an end table that were damaged by the water that consistently poured through the patio door. I feel that mold could quickly become a problem in that living area. With a small child that is constantly wanting to roam on any carpeted area, the living room became an off limits area for us. <br><br>We have had repeated issues with noise in the parking lot at inappropriate hours of the day (between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am). There was constant horn honking, physical fighting, gunfire, cursing, car alarms sounding, and police interaction with other residents. I feel that is unacceptable to allow this type of behavior in a multifamily housing area.<br><br>Constantly we dealt with very young children to young adults playing games in the parking lot in and around all of the resident’s vehicles. My car has been keyed and dented while sitting in the parking lot. It is obvious that these children are unattended and should not be allowed to play in a dangerous place, such as a parking lot. This is leaving you open for problems should a child be hurt or killed while playing in the parking lot.<br><br>We had consistent problems with the laundry facilities in our building. The washer always left clothes sopping wet and about two inches of water in the bottom of the washtub. The drier does not ever dry clothes completely, regardless of the number of cycles (it simply does not heat on any setting). I have reported this to the outside vendor that maintains the laundry facilities and nothing has ever been done to correct this problem. Occasionally I was offered a refund from the vendor, but more often then not the vendor would promise to correct the problem and then I would spend several dollars attempting to wash clothes in the on-site facilities before I would give up and take my sopping wet clothes to the near by laundry mat.<br><br>At any rate, I know that there must be someone other than (the manager) running Park Ridge apartments. I hope that my comments make it to someone that can make a difference.<br><br>Thank you,<br><br>"<br><br><br>
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Park Ridge

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