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The Castle



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2010
I love old buildings and Sherman Hill is a great area overall...close to downtown and very accessible and convenient. The prices are cheap compared to other places in the area. I thought I would love this building but I wasn't really that happy here and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're on a budget and don't mind dealing with some annoyances. I'll just list what I did and didnt like about this place. You can't control your own heat. The entire building is hooked up to a hot water radiator system and the thermostat for the building is located on the first floor. Sometimes my apartment would be almost 80 degrees and I'd have to open windows. The radiator system is also very loud. In the winter the banging in the pipes would be so loud I'd wake up multiple times in the night. My appliances also were very old. The refrigerator made a loud noise also and the freezer leaked into the fridge part, making a mess and getting the items in the fridge all wet. The plumbing also had many issues when I lived there...things not working right, leaking into other units. Maintenance had to come in a few times to fix this. I also had mice in my unit. I bought some poison and this seemed to take care of the problem after a while...The windows, at least in my unit, were old, rotted out and some of the glass was cracked. Some windows you couldnt open or keep open, and some had rotted away holes that needed to be filled during the winter. Some windows were nailed shut because they were so broken. The paint and dry wall and ceilings were peeling and cracking. And the parking is very tight. One of the reasons I chose to live in the building was because it had offstreet parking. Other residents or their visitors will park in your spot sometimes and during the winter it isn't adequately shoveled/plowed so I had to constantly shovel and dig my car out and got stuck a few times trying to get in/out of the driveway. I ended up resorting to parking on the street most of the time anyway because it wasnt worth the effort! Also, the door buzzers were broken, so if you were receiving a package, ordered a pizza, had a visitor coming etc, there was no way to know. I can't tell you how many times I had to go to the post office to get a package and after a while it started to get really annoying. Ok, as for the things I liked: The price was very affordable for me and all utilities were included. Two washing machines and dryers (in the basement) made getting my laundry done much faster. Overall the noise wasn't too bad. The neighbors never threw crazy parties and only occasionally did someone's loud music bother me. There was ample storage space in my unit. There were lots of windows, which made my unit very bright and cheerful. Every hallway floor was mopped and vacuumed weekly, so that was good. There was almost always adequate hot water, so I never took a freezing cold shower. If I called with a maintenance issue, it was almost always tended to within 24 hours. The neighborhood seemed pretty safe. Although some bums go through the dumpster for cans and there are a few questionable people sometimes roaming around in the area, I never had a problem. Also in the summer, there are a few gardens with flowers and plants around the building, which added a little something. Anyway, overall I wouldnt live here again if I had a choice but it wasn't absolutely terrible. Like I said, if youre on a budget and don't mind some things falling apart and some annoyances, this works fine. But if you can afford it, I'd go with a little nicer building in a area.
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The Castle

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