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Timberland Pointe



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
I have been residing here since May of 2006.<br><br>MAINTANENCE:<br>-Water leaks,<br>December 5th we got a hole above our shower from a leak above us (we live on the 2nd of 3 floors). After 3 verbal notices, I wrote a formal letter about the black mold growing 1 foot diameter around the hole and the concern for my safety. Finally on January 8th they half-assed patched it only for the leak to come back in the same place through the patch work 3 days later. Within that week, they cut a bigger hole in the ceiling and placed a piece of drywall in its place with no joint compound or spackling. The smell of mold was still unbearable. Two weeks later we get a leak through my room-mates closet ceiling. Now with two holes in our ceiling, they get around patching the first hole now for the second time, with the second hole is still untouched.<br>-Pest control,<br>Two maintenance guys were doing pest checks across the hall.<br>-Yard work,<br>This fall after a lightning storm a large branch fell from a tree and sat in the yard for at least 2 months or so. Long enough for all of the bark to naturally fall off from the stump.<br><br>PARKING LOT:<br>-Parking lot,<br>The parking lot is often littered with broken glass, aluminum cans and lingering trash.<br>Had an artist graffiti profanity on the garages a month ago.<br>-Parking,<br>Pure hell. On average, at least 100 foot walk to get into my building.<br><br>LAUNDRY:<br>Our building has approximately 45 apartments, yet we have 4 washers and 4 dryers at $1.25 each. Only 3 dryers work, with only 2 that actually dry your clothes. People are rude, and the mouse poison boxes are a great compliment to the attitudes.<br><br>NOISE LEVEL:<br>-Construction,<br>After examining the 2nd hole in the ceiling through the closet, the floor above us couldn't be more than 4 inches thick. YOU CAN HEAR EVERYTHING not only above you, but also below you. <br>Oh yeah, upon signing the lease did you know that the apartment complex cannot be held liable if the bath tub above you were to fall through your ceiling? Comforting information, especially when it takes at least 2 months for your ceiling to get patched above the shower.<br><br>SAFETY:<br>In a one month span, we have observed the cops called at least 3 times. Only once from me. I heard a guy screaming from his deck on how he is going to get his gun and shoot the guy in the middle of the f*in' head over the phone. After 3 minutes or so a guy from inside the apartment goes out to calm the guy down and starts choking the guy. Great tactics, choke your friends. The kids split in different directions once the cops pulled up.<br>One of the other fights happened around 8:30pm while a family with 3 kids was walking in the middle of it.<br>Parking lot is not well lit at all. Possible threat for muggers, rapists, and vandals.<br><br>MANAGEMENT:<br>-Lease,<br>Signed the lease with a walk through. We had verbal agreement that the excessive paint on the tub would be scraped off upon signing. Still not done. Also asked what the difference is between a 6 month and a year lease. The lady rudely said, "Now you're not going to make me re-type this all up now are you?" So we signed the year lease. BIG MISTAKE. No price difference between the two.<br>-Complaints,<br>Very polite, however NOT EFFECTIVE! Very slow or not effective at all in maintenance issues. However, my threatening neighbors are gone. I have very little to no confidence on their effectiveness.<br><br>-LATE FEE,<br>I was only late for rent once and by only 1 day! I received a $40 fine. Glad they are punctual in some situations.<br><br>THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT I WILL RECEIVE VERY LITTLE TO NONE OF MY DEPOSIT BACK DUE TO THE EXPERIENCES I'VE ENCOUNTERED WITH THEM AND THERE WAY THEY DO BUSINESS.<br><br>I QUESTION ON WHETHER THEY EVEN FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEIR BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR THEIR FUTURE RESIDENTS. <br>If they do, then the only prerequisite must be on if they are currently wanted by the police. "Then are Drugs... Violence... minor issues?"<br><br>I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE, UNLESS ANOTHER COMPANY WOULD TO BUY THEM OUT.<br><br>Worst place in all my years of renting.
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Timberland Pointe

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