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Cedarbrooke Place



Resident · 2014 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Note: rating is for cedarbrooke 2 and not cedarbrooke 1 First I would like to say that I was very pleased with the complex. The staff was friendly and worked with you, the building were built well and the interior is nice. Then things went down hill. The original buildings are study, nice and not cheap. The second project is cheap, built fast and has many defects. The floor is not level, cheap paint, patio isn't done right, the windows were installed wrong just a huge list of small things that get to someone who knows how things are supposed to be built. Another thing is they focus too much on getting their building projects done no one is in the office. I like to give my rent check in person, the last 5 or so months the office has not been staffed regularly during office hours. This made it hard when I needed to move out. The noise here is horrible. I can hear everything the people above me did, and I mean everything. I can also hear every word people say through the vents when they are in the bathrooms because the exhausts appear tonrun together. And the front door to the building is horrible. Everyone slams the doors and the vibrations can be felt through the walls. Cedar Brooke 1 is a great set of buildings. Cedarbrooke 2 is a washout. It is not worth the price. We signed a contract for 779 a month 2bed2bath. They raised it to 850 after the first month. Breech of contract but I was low on money and they offset my next month with the difference. Then after a year they raise 850 to 900. The gym is okay. Half the equipment is hammydown or broken. Also, the lease says no grills on decks/patios and you can only use the community grill in the park area. They let everyone get away with grills. It says property is smoke free yet people are smoking all the time on their patios. And it's pet free, unless you just ignore the rule and have a pet there or go get a doctor's note saying it's a therapy pet. Ibsaybthis because I was a grill, and a pet but I refuse to break the rules for fear I will be singled out and loose my deposit.
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Cedarbrooke Place

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