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Cedarbrooke Place



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I moved here in April, to get away from a noisy apartment. I let the manager know this loud and clear prior to signing the lease that if the person upstairs is loud I have to leave or you have to take care of it in person and immediately. Well, it now been almost 3 full months of sheer HELL. Seriously and I'm not exaggerating it all. There are nights where I don't sleep at all- I just go to put my head on my pillow and I start to drift off and I hear the neighbors bass from her music. Or then when she's not being loud at night, she stomps like an elephant all day long and I have a child with sensory issues and it makes her terrified and she screams and cries every stomp she makes! Nice, right? She even has her text notifications on so loud I can even hear them. This is only a part of the misery. Oh and when I started to complain my neighbors decided to retaliate against me and make me get noise complaints. So it goes without saying that you really can't win here of def can't get sleep. Heart attacks maybe. I really wanted to love this place because aside from yhe rude neighbors it's great. So if you can deal with no sleep and being vengeful attacked and management that only picks and chooses what and when to evict based on disruptive tenants....then? Ps would give noise a zero but it's not an option
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Cedarbrooke Place

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