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Cedarbrooke Place



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
So normally I never leave reviews, but I felt the need to warn people about this place. We've only lived here a few months, and I'd already say this is by far the worst place I've ever lived at. First of all, it is always nearly impossible to get ahold of the office during normal business hours at all. I once left a voicemail after trying numerous times throughout the day, and they got back to me after 3 days. We've gone to the office to try to talk to them in person, and every single time we would try, there would be a "closed" sign up on their door. Our building's entrance and stairwell are constantly littered and disgusting. It's honestly almost rare you won't see trash on the floor walking to our apartment. There was once a trail of cat litter going up the stairs and it took almost a week for them to get it cleaned. Along with drinks constantly thrown on the floor and trash from food. Along with this, the neighbors above us are extremely loud. You can always hear them stomping around, and slamming around. We actually got in touch with the people who lived in this unit before us due to a mail issue, and they told us they decided to find a new apartment because the neighbors are way too loud. I also have never lived somewhere where they do so many inspections and entering your apartment for maintence issues. In this month alone, we've received notes on our door 4 different times that they will be entering our unit. This last note we received stated that they will be spraying for pests and replacing our furnace filter. However, they already did this last month. It's just frustrating to constantly have random people coming through our home so often, and I'm not sure why they can't just do everything together instead of feeling the need to constantly invade our homes and privacy. If you are considering looking at these apartments, I'd definitely recommend that you keep looking. We read nothing but good reviews about this place and it's been nothing but an all around terrible experience.
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Cedarbrooke Place

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