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Candlewick Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2014
There are bats in these units. I now have a piece of cardboard duct taped over my fireplace to prevent them from entering. I've had 3 bats and when I threatened to move out because of this they said I'd have to buy out my lease! Then I see in other units electrical fireplaces installed so bats won't get in, but they rather just tape cardboard to mine and make it look trashy than to replace it with a new electrical unit. Took them 3 different work orders to eventually replace my washer after it broke, it shook so bad it tore up the dining room vinyl flooring. The garbage disposal, which I rarely use never works when I turn it on. All I do is run water down there. I've work ordered it 4 times! The microwave is the smallest microwave I've ever seen, it's gotta be from the early 90s and takes 3-4X as long to heat your food. Toilets have low flushing power. I'll blow my nose with a piece of toilet paper and flush and it clogs. There is hard water, even though in the lease i signed said soft water, but you can see calcium start to build up in the toilets and showers, you must clean at least weekly... and they are expensive for Sioux City standards. Over all poor, poor experience. Recommend you look elsewhere.
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Candlewick Apartments

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