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Candlewick Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2013
This place is infested with bugs, all kinds of them - spiders of various sizes and breeds, cockroaches, and other crawly things I can't name. One time I left my jacket on my couch, and the next morning there was a huge black spider sitting on it. I've also seen spiders on my bed. Roaches are also out of control. Management claims that they do pest controls but they are just extremely ineffective. So I ended up buying cans after cans of roach sprays and sprayed my apartment regularly. Then I began to see dead bugs everywhere. Almost every single day, I come back home after work and find new dead cockroaches and spiders on the bedroom and living room carpet or the bathroom and kitchen floor. The fitness center is a joke. It is a room about the size of my bedroom, and it has ONE elliptical, TWO treadmills (one of them is broken), TWO stationary bikes, and ONE weight trainer... Ok, there is also a medicine ball. If you want to use the elliptical but someone else is already on it, well that's too bad. All of the equipment are nasty and look like they were purchased in the 80s and have never been cleaned. The pool is small and gross. The appliances inside the apartment are also very outdated. The dishwasher is gross and can't clean anything. The kitchen vent might as well not be there. Most of the days I just try to not use the kitchen. The washer and dryer were dirty when I moved in. The apartment is poorly insulated. Gas bills can be pretty steep in the winter if you wanna keep your place reasonably warm. Some of the maintenance people are sloppy. On several occasions I found dead leaves in my bathroom and dining room, brought in by the maintenance people. Management hired some contractors from the outside to do landscaping and they stole my neighbor's property. The ladies in the office are quite unprofessional. During the day, you can find one of them smoking with some of the maintenance guys outside the office. I tried to avoid dealing with the other lady because she can be rude. The office is supposed to close at 5PM, according to the sticker on the door, but sometimes it just closes unexpectedly early (30min - 1hr before 5PM). It is really annoying sometimes when I needed to pick up a package. Isn't it their job to sit in the office during office hours? They also nickeled and dimed me when I moved out. I lived there for a year, I was barely home since I had to travel frequently for my job, and I used the kitchen very infrequently. I guess they just really wanted to keep my deposit by charging exorbitant fees. I put in extra effort in cleaning my apartment when I was moving out - wiped the place spotless and the carpet looked brand spanking new - but I was charged over $90 in cleaning fee because they felt that they needed to wipe things like the lighting fixtures and toilet paper holder (WHAT?! I wish this was a joke). The only good thing about this place is that the neighbors are quiet (although some of them can be prying). I really wish I lived in Barrington or Glen Oaks.
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Candlewick Apartments

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