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Ridge Oaks Apartments

2300 Indian Hills Drive

Sioux City, IA 51104



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/27/2015
I lived there for a year. At first I enjoyed living there, then after I had been there a few months, they sent me an eviction notice because of my unpaid rent. I had always paid my rent on time so I called the office and talked to them. They told me what month was missing. I checked my check book and still had the carbon copy of the check I wrote to them. I then went through my bank statements and verified that it had come out of my account. I took the bank statement to them and showed them my carbon copy. They took copies. Then over the next few months kept asking for more bank statements saying that the check was cashed but then was bounced back into my account (I'm sorry but who wouldn't notice 745$ dollars coming back into their account, I would and trust me, it never happened). None of my bank statements showed it going back into my account, and yet no one would give me a straight answer on if they were going to make me pay it. Finally four months later they said I had to pay it. So I paid as much as i could for the next couple months, then paid it off when i got my taxes back. Which was also the same month my lease ended. They raised the rent, and i could not afford to continue living there. Since the incident, I paid them only in cashiers checks. I would rather spend 5$ extra then have them make further claims like this. A week after I moved out, they called me saying they never received my check. I went to the bank and showed the receipts and copies of the cashiers check that I wrote. They still claimed to never have received it. I went to the bank to see what I could do about voiding the old check and putting the money in a new one (the bank verified it had not been cashed). I had to wait for three months before doing that. I let the office know and they said that would be fine. When the 90 days was up, I went to the bank and signed a some paperwork and got the money put into a new cashiers check. I mailed it to them. I have since found out that I have been being denied rentals since I moved out due to them giving me a bad review. They said that I was late paying my rent and it took them months to receive my final check. They just like to leave out the part where they screwed me over. They also said I left the apartment so unclean it was considered damages. Which is false, I cleaned it before I left. I would not recommend IRET properties to anyone. They are not good people. They are not good landlords.
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Ridge Oaks Apartments

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