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Williamsburg Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2013
Don't even consider moving here, it is an unmaintained slum that should be condemned. Currently there is raw sewage in the mold infested basement next to the ever-present puddle of water. Maintainance requests take no less than a week and as much as two months, if they are done at all. When they are done, they are usually done incorrectly. For example, we had a missing kitchen drawer. They made a wood box (not a drawer), too small to fit properly, stained it the wrong color and deemed it 'good enough'. Missing tiles were replaced with a completely different color and deemed 'good enough'. Most of the time half the laundry machines do not work. The landlady flat out told us that the owners do not want to pay for anything. Their website says "well maintained" but in fact they are not maintained at all. The "beautiful yard" is the disgrace of the block. They do not clean the apartments before new tenants move in; specifically, they have a child run a vacuum and that's it. I found dozens of cigarette butts in my heat register, burnt incense sticks stuck in various holes around the apartment, a thick layer of crud between my stove and fridge, etc., etc. The dumpster is inadequate and overflows every week and no one cleans up the overfow. The air condioners are woefully insufficient antiques barely able to cool the room they are in, let alone the entire apartment. They, too, are never cleaned. I cleaned as much crud out of mine as I could -guess that will have to be 'good enough'. I don't use the bedroom in the summer as it is so hot. I could go on and on but if you're not convinced by now... There is currently talk amongst the tenants of starting a petition and taking legal action.
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Williamsburg Apartments

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