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Regency Woods Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I have lived at Regency Woods for almost a year now and I will be renewing my lease (2010-2011 - website seems determined to say 2010-2010 regardless). Overall the price and location were some of the original factors for moving in. On top of those things, friendly management and quick maintainence are a few of the factors for me renewing. To be honest from other apartments I looked at these are generally nicer AND cheaper. Pros: Price, quiet location, quick maintainence, pet friendly, good management, pool. I have never had to wait longer than a day for anything to be fixed. I don't personally have any pets, but from what I hear they are pretty good with pet requirements/costs in comparison to a lot of other apartments. The management is always nice and friendly to me and very accomidating with any and all requests I have made. Cons: Thin walls/ceilings/floors. This will either be magnified or unnoticiable depending on your neighbors. I personally live below 2 people occupying a 1 bedroom apartment with two 25-30lbs dogs. This is tolerable, but can get pretty annoying especially if the dogs decide to "talk" to eachother for over an hour without owner restraint. Prior tenants upstairs had a creeky bed and therefore I was aware of most extra curricular activities. Again, not all this is necessarily a chip to Regency Woods - more to neighbor behaviors. A bad neighbor will be irritating regardless of where you decide to live and visa versa. A quick note to those who plan on getting DirecTV/Dish. The DirecTV was somewhat of a hoop to jump through as you're not able to drill into any structure to place the dish itself. You are able to use clamps or a wieghted down skid to set the dish on (both of which DirecTV do not suggest doing). I personally had to go through a 3rd party installer with more "liberal" procedures for install to get around this as DirecTV themselves would not do it. This may be more of a case by case basis install wise - just a heads up if you plan on getting dish or DTV services. Things other people may care about, but I personally don't: Washer/dryer and parking. Just one set of a washer/dryer per building. There is a laundrymat literally less than 2 minutes away off Grand that I go to so this doesn't bother me. The other one that comes to mind is parking. 90% of the time there is no issue, at worst I had to park a 40 second walk away. This is acceptable to me, but I can see why some may find it a hinderance. Overall I would recommend Regency Woods as a place to live. No apartment complex is going to be perfect for everyone, but I believe there is more to offer here than leaving to want. A good tip, although obvious: Pay your rent on time. Management is much more likily to be accomidating past their required amount if you simply pay your bills on time. Something as simple as this favorable relationship to management can make the difference between an average place to somewhere you'd be happy to call home.
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Regency Woods Apartments

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