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Chateau Park



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boisedweller • Resident 2007 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2011
I've lived here for 4 years now and things have been worse. The rent used to be much cheaper and there was more than one drug operation going on at the time. Since the new management the rent has been upped, the units updated, and the grounds revamped. I am hoping to find somewhere a bit nicer and better priced soon. Here's an overview from my perspective: - Heat/AC: My biggest problem is with the heat/AC units. They are gas run and extremely loud. I cannot leave it on at night or I can't sleep, which means I'm either freezing or sweating in the morning depending on season. The nature of the equipment does not keep a stable temperature. In the winter the days bounce between cold, to hot (when the heat kicks on) back to cold, and vice versa in summer. I am in the one bedroom unit so I can't say how it is in the larger units. - Laundry: The washers and dryers are my second chief annoyance. They are very old and terrible, and EXPENSIVE at that. I do my laundry elsewhere most of the time. - Price: The rent went up since the new management took over the first year I was here. However this has since stabilized. I understood the need to raise rent in order to up the quality of the place, though I thought the exterior "improvements" were mostly just unnecessary changes that did not really improve on quality. I do feel the price to be a bit too high for the quality you get. - Fitness: The "Fitness Center" is extremely small, with old and used equipment. I personally do not use it because of this. But the facility is usable and there. - Pool: The pool is very nice in the summer - though usually either full of children, or college aged people. I don't mind the older ones as long as they aren't crazy. But some parents let their kids go quite wild. - Noise: The weekends can be quite noisy. Kids during the day and parties at night. As it is usually very quiet on week nights I'm fine with this. I'm talking about noise level overall - if I step outside and walk around at night. I'm sure certain units are louder than others depending on neighbors. There is not much noise proofing between units. - Dogs: As others stated, there HAVE been problems with dogs. Both in clean up and leashing. Incidents are usually responded to with apartment wide notices about fees for failing to follow the rules. Certain people do still have their dogs off leash and do not clean up - so I'm not sure if they aren't following through or these people don't care. I have noticed the grassy areas to be somewhat cleaner since the notices. But I certainly wouldn't be walking around barefoot! - Maintenance: My experience has been mixed. Sometimes thing were looked at immediately, sometimes not for a week or two. - Construction: When the exterior updates were being made there was a LOT of construction noise as others have said. However this has since finished and now there is hardly any. - Safety: I feel safer since the management change and rent increase. However I still do see police in the neighborhood quite often. I once even caught someone trying to steal a bike in the middle of the night at our complex, but they ran off. Dangerous things don't tend to be common. There has been the occasional shouting match but not much more that I'm aware of. I wouldn't leave out anything overly valuable, but I wouldn't do that anywhere. - Parking: Haven't had any problems with this. - Staff: The management has been reasonable with me personally and friendly as well. - Location: I love the location! Conclusion: This complex won't blow your mind, it is dated and shows in certain areas. I feel the quality of living ebbs back and forth depending on the renters. It's not a terrible place to live, but not the best. It would not be my first choice, but it hasn't been bad enough to make me leave. Make sure you come and take a look before moving here. In my experience the cons have grown to outweigh the pros and so I'll be looking for somewhere new.
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Chateau Park

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