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Office Staff
ContentedTenant • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
When I read the bad reviews, it's almost as if I'm reading about an entirely different complex than the one I live in. In July, I just signed the lease for another year here. My third. I find Liz, the manager to be a total sweetheart. Responsive, receptive and quick to handle a problem. Kyle, the assistant manager, is professional, curteous, caring and I can trust him to get on top of any problem that might need to be addressed, the same goes for Elizabeth and John. Tyler, the head maintainance man, and Brian, his assistant, have always responded in a timley manner to any request I've made. Also, if I have a package left at the office, and it is bulky, or large, someone always brings it to me upon my request, in a timely manner. I had a small squirt in my kitchen faucet and requested it be fixed. It took a week, but at the same time, there were those whose A/C had gone down, in 100 degree weather, and it seemed appropriate to me that the A/C took priority. I do feel if my leak had been serious, they would have been on it immediately. I even had a maintainance man come one Mother's Day Sunday, and unstop my garbage disposal, which I had overloaded with potato peelings. My Bad, the complexes Good! There was a problem with the young men above me, I told the office, in confidence, and the men were moved out within a week. Others had complained also, so they did not take just one tenants point of view or word on something, or someone. I sit on my patio, and look at the lush landscaping, see the bridge over the stream, and am able to hear the brook. It's like being in the mountains. Of course, I also have the best apartment in the complex to do this. Thank God it was vacant when I moved here. The people in the front apartment have lived here 5 plus years, so we either have the best building in the complex, or there is a satisfaction on the part of many who live here. I feel safe, and I feel as if I can walk to well lit grounds anytime day or night. I have an assigned parking spot and have never had a problem using it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give the complex construction a 7. On that same scale, I'd give management and maintainance crews a 10. I love this complex,(or I wouldn't have signed for my third year. DUH!), and the people responsible for its operation and maintainance. All in all, I do not feel I could find a better complex for me, than The Landing at Lakeharbor. P.S. My level pay electric bill is $46.00/month. That says adequately built to me!
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