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1671 S. Riverstone Lane

Boise, ID 83706



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/01/2007
I lived here for 2 1/2 years & was so dissapointed with the unprofessional, border line illegal practices that go on. Maitenence-if it can't be fixed with tape, super glue or a hammer do it yourself -I guarantee the maintenence staff will break it & your personal belongings too if you don't supervise. I guarantee you will LOOSE your deposit-they will find a stain on the carpet, smoke in the walls (even if you don't) & will charge you some outrageous fee for restoration which they use for deferred maitenence. The tall skinny manager sounds like a cheerleader all sugar & spice-trust me she is a shark-and the other one well just stay far away from her. <br><br>At this point hind sight being 20/20 the homeless live better than you will at the Cottonwoods. You will be harrassed while living here and stressed -only after you leave will you be able to sleep nights. And what is up with the landscaping-OH please I love nature but all I see are weeds!! <br><br>For myself I would be brave to sign w/my name-but I still have many friends that live here -all looking to get out & quick-I just wish I could tell you who they are so you can hear their horrors. <br><br>OH DID I MENTION THE SPIDERS-THEY HAVE 1000's NO EXAGGERATING-UGLY BIG NASTY!! I killed at least 20 per day inside alone!!! And the mold that will come up from your toliet-health hazzard if you dont believe me look at the parking lot-there are HUGE tree roots buckling the pavement-these roots are also clogging up the sewer system. And if you are in a big 2bedroom -you will freeze!!! The windows frames are shot & ice cold air blows in & your heating bill just goes up & up!!!<br><br>Oh and check out their rates-not 2 apartmetns rent for the same price. if you have a view-more money!! If you have newer appliances-more money!! If they have high occupacy-more money!! If they don't like you-more money!! <br><br>Folks it is not worth living here-go to the local shelter -you will treated better!! The neighborhood is called River Run-I suggest you just RUN!!!<br><br><br><br>
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