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Rosewood Apartments



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mperkey • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2013
**Update to my previous review** Still think the apartment is really nice, however I notice little things around the complex I'm not so thrilled about. Got new upstairs neighbors (YAY) still hear a bit of noise, but seems like they arent home often, so its much better. The maintenance guys are so nice, I really appreciate the work they do, but for some reason I have a feeling my requests aren't getting to them. I put in a request 4 days ago for my kitchen sink not draining. Called today was told they'll be out Monday. They said the delay was because they were busy getting empty apartments ready to be moved into this weekend. What?! Thats almost one week of not being able to use my dishwasher, not being able to use my kitchen sink. I can't even cook because I don't want to dirty any dishes. I had noticed this trend. I've only called for service 3 or 4 times, but each time its been longer and longer. I end up having to call the office to remind them I need maintenance. Also the grounds are looking kind of shabby. Just not as clean and neatly maintained as when I moved in. Last winter they hardly shoveled the walks at all, and when snow melted it was so icy and there was what looked like at least 2 inch ice patches on some walkways. They put down some salt, but it really didn't seem to help much. I don't use the pool, but I heard from one neighbor it was closed several times this summer and there were several days it was open but the water so cloudy and dirty they wouldn't go in. I feel bad writing this negative stuff. I really do like my apartment, and the location is perfect. I just wish it was like it was about a year ago. Seems like even the office staff is miserable with their jobs now. They used to be very friendly and nice, now they just seem beaten down and grumpy. The neighbors are very nice, it is really like a little community. I really wish they'd get with this century though and let us pay our rent online with a debit card and do service requests online. Its a huge convenience and one that would probably take some pressure off the office staff and help the maintenance guys with getting the requests in a timely fashion. All in all, I can't really recommend this place as it is right now. I sure hope they spend a few dollars and make it pretty again.
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Rosewood Apartments

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