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Rosewood Apartments



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lartom • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/08/2017
We moved into Stoneridge under the previous management in 2016. We loved the location and the apartment was perfect for what we were paying. $800 monthly with WST is perfect for a 20 year old apartment with outdated appliances. However, under the new management, we had heard that the new rental prices were outrageous. We kept hope due to the fact that we have always had a pleasant experience with the management (after 3 different managers) and the maintenance staff. We were also told that we could negotiate and discuss options once receiving the renewal notice. With only a week of notice, we received the notice that informed us that we would have a 50% increase in rent with NO RENOVATIONS. Our rent went from $800 to $1184 without WST included and new additional parking fees. I'm not sure where all that money was suppose to come from, but there is no way I can find that sort of job within the allotted time. The management did not negotiate at all. The only transfer available was more than a 20% rent increase to non remodeled apartment. I'm sorry, but this complex is not worth that prices, especially with the quality of individuals that are moving into the buildings. I felt pressured to leave the home that I love because management wants to do renovations and there was no sympathy involved after we were told we would be helped and wanted us to stay in the complex. Stoneridge is not worth the time or money.
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Rosewood Apartments

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