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Rosewood Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/09/2012
We moved into these apartments in Aug of 2011. We had our furnace not working for 6 months of our lease and had them out to fix it 5 times. We paid our rent in advance about 3 months for the entirety of our lease, never had a complaint about us, or complained to them about how nothing in our apartment worked properly (like the oven all it can do is heat up the clock/timer doesn't work, our heater did not work, our sink leaks, and we had to have the garbage disposal replaced, we had to have the 2nd bathroom shower fixed (which my husband did because no one came etc.) The first couple times calling in to get our heater fixed didn't work (they never sent anyone) and when we called to see when someone would be coming they said that it had already been fixed, (I am a stay at home mom, it wasn't fixed) The maintenance guy is really friendly, the only problem is he is not allowed to just come fix something if you tell him, it has to go through the office and they are TERRIBLE. They don't know what they are doing and Sarah is probably the rudest person I've ever met. Even the other staffers will comment on how terrible she is. The walls are thin, I didn't really notice it with the first people who lived above us (they we're rarely home) they second family is quite loud, which when you live in an apartment you have to expect noise but this was more than I would like. There was a lot of water damage in my apartment and there was a birds nest in my vent to the outside (the one for my dryer) that wouldn't allow my clothes to dry properly. The playground is not well kept and very outdated. We had our lease go till April 30th we knew we would be moving out then and not staying any later due to my husbands work, when it came time to move out they told us we owed them an additional $140 for not giving them enough notice (we gave them nine months notice) and said that we could not move out until the 5th of May. They told us that we were great tenants and I do not think that this is how you treat "great tenants." And I would be concerned for anyone that is not a great tenant of how they might treat you. I am concerned for how it will go when we move out in a couple of weeks if we'll ever see our deposit. I would not recommend these apartments under any circumstances.
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Rosewood Apartments

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